i.e. Strategy is a strategic specialist in the pharmaceutical space founded expressly for taking matters of strategy to a deeper, more nuanced level.

Our whole reason for being: to help clients attain their goals in today's frenetic business environment by challenging the prevailing wisdom, and when necessary, rethinking the calculus behind success. We dive deeper, we explore both the scientific and clinical aspects of your platform and/or commercialization strategy, and along the way, we look for the emotive drivers that often sabotage real success.

i.e. Strategy is at home across all spectra of job functions in the health care industry and, in fact, many of our people once held those same jobs. We understand you, and what you need to do, and we will not hesitate to identify the awkward or uncomfortable – yet potentially very successful – market entry or evolutionary strategies for consideration and/or implementation.* And, thanks to our own network, we have an inside track on competitive intelligence.

Many of our engagements begin at early development, quite literally in the drawing room. From there, when appropriate, we stay on as an extended part of the clinical and commercialization teams, working through formal commercialization marketing strategies for launch and beyond. No wonder so many see us as more than just a strategic partner.

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