Percolation Communications was founded on the premise of applying proven theories and processes to medical marketing strategy development, creating unique programs with both a clear return on investment and...

Powered 4 Significance provides scientifically sound clinical development and scientific commercialization services to our pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic company partners.

i.e. Strategy is a strategic specialist in the pharmaceutical space founded expressly for taking matters of strategy to a deeper, more nuanced level.

About Us

Blue Ocean Pharma is focused on supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and device development to allow healthcare professionals the opportunity to optimize patient care and improve overall outcomes. Our services span the clinical development and commercialization needs of our clients, allowing us to become an integrated partner across multiple functions within their organizations. Our goal is to identify the open waters that will enable our client partners to reach their full market penetration potential, while minimizing competitive barriers that drain resources and increase competitive threats.

Management Team

The Blue Ocean Pharma Management Team consists of industry professionals who have worked together for upwards of 10 years. The longevity of these relationships has allowed us to establish working relationships that foster growth and promote the evolution of our company to address changing market needs. We have a united goal of ensuring the success of our client partners, while supporting optimal patient care. Importantly, to achieve this we are committed to continually adapting to the changing healthcare marketplace, evolving as an organization and as individuals.

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